Community Battle Game [QUIZ]


Community Battle Game (QUIZ) by Said Saddouk

This quiz board contains templates for different type of questions, that can be used to play a quiz and test the knowledge of your participants in a fun way. You can create a whole game-show or just use single questions for a workshop/meeting.

  • Multiple choice

  • Fill The Blank

  • Guess

  • True/False

  • Match

You can watch a demo of a live-game I had recently -> click

Some Instructions (can also be found on the board):

  • Duplicate the frame with the question type you want to use.

  • Change the question(s) and the answer(s) as you like.

  • Each question consists of 3 frames. I recommend renaming the frames with something like "Round 1", "Question 1" and "Answer 1".

  • Hide all frames containing questions and answers (e.g. "Question 1" and "Answer 1")

  • I recommend using the frames-sidebar to navigate through the questions and view/unhide the questions and answers. Also bring them in an order that makes it easier for you to walk through them

  • Answers by the players Could be given by using a sticky, textbox, pen tool or an icon

  • Participants who are not playing can also give their answers by using chat, reactions or anything you can think of ...

If Help is needen or for Any Further Questions, Ideas, Feedaback:

Join the "Gamification with Miro | #Mirofication" Group in the Community

And Most Important: HAVE FUN! :D


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