Team Mood Playlist Icebreaker


Looking for another creative way to break the ice with your team? Try my Team Mood Playlist that spotlights Miro's wireframing capabilities.

The icebreaker is simply enough:

  1. Bring your team together to describe their mood creatively with a song title and cover art. (5 minutes)

  2. Ask a handful of members of your team to share their current mood and learn more about what is going on in their personal/work life. (5-10 minutes)

This icebreaker is good for meetings that have cross function team members, department all hands or event employee resources group meetings.

PRO TIP: Have a team or company Spotify or Apple Music playlist? PRESS PLAY for the for some background music while everyone fills out their music playlist card.

Be sure to explore the full collection of wireframing in Miro on the side menu bar!


Ashley Jenkins image
Ashley Jenkins
Events | Black Excellence Lead@Miro
I am Event Manager at Miro and also lead our Black Excellence employee resources group. I am a ice breaker aficionado and plan to start sharing some of the most popular ones that I have created. 
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