Uzo Art Coloring Activity


Have you ever colored in Miro?

Neither had I. So I decided to try it out in our Black Excellence employee resource meeting as a bit of a mental break activity.

Did you know that coloring can help improve your emotional and intellectual wellness by engaging your senses and partaking in a challenging yet fun activity? There are many benefits to coloring including reducing stress and anxiety and improving motor skills, vision, sleep, and focus.

How to use the board:

  • Select a coloring page and duplicate it.

  • Move it to the canvas frame to the right

  • Start coloring using the pen tool!

  • When your done put a sticky note with your name!

About the Artist

Uzo Njoku was born in Nigeria and currently lives in New York City. She works in oil paint, acrylic, and collage to create colorful paintings and design products.

She provides these free coloring pages on her website, where she also sells her art, apparel and other merch. Check out her work and support Black business.

Follow her on IG @uzoart


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Ashley Jenkins
Events | Black Excellence Lead@Miro
I am Event Manager at Miro and also lead our Black Excellence employee resources group. I am a ice breaker aficionado and plan to start sharing some of the most popular ones that I have created. 
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