Miro Wits & Wagers


Miro Wits & Wagers

Are you a betting person? Think you're a trivia wizard? Time to put your chips where your brain is! A take on the game Wits & Wagers, write down your best guess to the provided question and place your bets. Closest without going over wins!

First, choose an individual to be the question reader. Once the question is read, write your answer in the white area on your card and place your card on the betting mat. When all of the players cards are on the betting mat, the cards will need to be arranged in increasing order from left to right. If there are duplicate answers, the cards are placed in the same spot.

Next, bets are placed by the players on the card or cards they think are the closest to the correct answer. Each player gets a 100 chip and a 200 chip that corresponds to the color of their card. Bets can be placed in the following ways:

  • Bet both Betting Chips on the same payout slot.

  • Split their Betting Chips between any two payout slots.

  • You do not have to bet on your own guess.

Once all bets are placed, the question reader reveals the answer. The players with bets on the card that is the closest without going over win and the bets are paid out with the red poker chips (1 poker chip for the 100 player chip and 2 poker chips for the 200 player chip). The player who's card is the winning card also receives a bonus of 3 poker chips.

This cycle continues until the final question. On the final question, players can bet all the poker chips won in addition to their two player chips. The winner is the player with the most chips after the final question.


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