Content Briefing Canvas


This comprehensive content briefing template helps you produce more effective content, and do that more efficiently.

Why a content canvas?

Effective content needs a clear purpose, along with clarity on your audience and their needs. This canvas gives you one simple place to capture those things. It makes creating brilliant content briefs easy, so writers and designers have all the context and assets they need to develop content that meets organisational goals and helps real people.

Who is this for?

Product managers and marketers can use this to brief their teams.

Content designers and copywriters can also use this canvas to organise essential information before starting a piece of content work.

What if I can't fill everything in?

If you're struggling to fill in some of the boxes on the canvas, that probably means some more work is needed (audience research, or brand definition, for example). If you're not clear on inward and outward journeys for your content, you might need to spend some time creating a user journey map first.

What if I don't have any good content ideas?

Try this Lotus Flower ideation session.


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