User Journey Map


A template to help you get started with building simple user journey maps.

How to fill the map

After you finished your user research, you have data about your users journeys to build such maps.

  1. You should start by defining the goal and scope of your map.

  2. Then you can list the different phases of the journey.

  3. From there, you might not fill the map from top to bottom, column by column, especially if you are doing this with your team. Feel free to fill each section when it makes sense to you.

I would advise you to:

  • use sticky notes when you are working with your teams to brainstorm and fill the map

  • edit the white rectangle with final content once you are finished and want to export this and show it to colleagues

For more information about the generic UX method of "building journey maps" you can check my article as an introduction to user journey maps and the notes pined on the right of this board.


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