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Product development entails many phases, tools and techniques, decisions and good communication. You and your team probably use many different tools and platforms to manage your product and need a way to easily visualize and summarize all that's going on with product development. Also, product development usually requires alignment with a broad audience: stakeholder, team (yours, other department or external ), client/customer, to name a few.

In order to track and communicate progress in different levels of abstraction a product team needs to "zoom" in and out of development phases. MIRO is 'An Online Visual Collaboration Platform for Teamwork' and has many integrations with other platforms and tools. It also allows teams to create visual boards using many shapes which makes it a great tool for product teams to track and communicate progress.

The purpose of the this template is to allow teams to visually and collaboratively organize ideas and tack product development in all it's phases. This templates comes with a suggested set of phases for product development but can be adapted to each team.

The board is divided in to two views:

  • a tactical view that can be used for process generalization

  • an operational view that can be used to place artifacts and digital sticky notes for day-to-day activities.

Bellow is a visual simplification of how this template can be used. The suggested set of tools and techniques are based on many different sources, but the high-level processes shown bellow is inspired by and adapted from the works of Tim Herbig and Mike Chen @zendesk.

Feel free to adapt, change, modify as pleased.


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