Decision Making in Complexity


When to use the Kübernetik-Canvas for decision making?

Almost always when you are lost, it is an indication of a complex problem. It is an interconnected system that makes it hard to keep track of. In these situations, good decisions are hard to make. Often, therefore, they are not made at all, and over time they make the problem worse.

What is Kübernetik?

Kübernetik is a derivative of the sensitivity model and helps make difficult decisions possible in a matter of minutes. If you want to make important decisions in your private or professional life and finally get into action, the 10th step guide helps you to get concrete results.

Which scenarios could be tackled?

Relationship problems, arguments with colleagues, weight reduction, strategy development for a new product, or concrete: "How can I get more salary from my boss" (see the example in the Miro Board).

Every question that is asked with "How can I" can be taken to a new level with Kübernetik in 30-60 minutes and solved individually according to your own needs.

Need more help?

Additional guidance and examples on Kübernetik can be found at

I also offer workshops for teams or individual coaching for support.

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Chris Eberl
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I am a passionate system thinker and love training entrepreneurs in complex environments. I am an engineer, MBA, university lecturer, worked at Microsoft and founder of several startups.

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