Team Building

Community Building Framework

The Get Together framework by People & Company helps individuals and teams map out their efforts to cultivate a community.

Why use the Get Together framework?

Our methodology—which was published in our book Get Together—is based on participating in, coaching, and researching hundreds of communities.

This board can help:

  • New community managers map out potential future community-building efforts

  • Seasoned leaders to identify gaps in how they're trying to bring people together

  • Teams visualize different versions of a community they might invest in building

How do we use this framework?

The Get Together system is rooted in nine steps of community-building:

  1. Pinpoint your people

  2. Do something together

  3. Get people talking

  4. Attract new folks

  5. Cultivate your identity

  6. Pay attention to who keeps showing up

  7. Create more leaders

  8. Supercharge your leaders

  9. Celebrate together

We recommend using stickies to fill out the framework with current and/or potential community building efforts. We've found that teams spark the best discussion when they make time for members to fill out the canvas individually beforehand.


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Get Together
How to build a community with your people
Get Together is a bestselling book, podcast, and set of resources on how to build a community with your people. Created by People & Company.

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