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About the template

The ISU has created the Team Mapping Method to help developing team-based care (TBC) initiatives (e.g. Primary Care Networks, and Patient Medical Homes) explore and describe how their teams could be structured. Team mapping can benefit providers who are already engaged in team-based care, or who are moving towards team-based care.

How to use it

Use team mapping template to map out a 'circle of care' in a patient centred manner.

Typically the patient and their family is at the center, the inner circle is used to map out roles and tasks for team members (e.g. people who work together on how they want to work together and the outer ring is where other roles, tasks and community resources/services who may be closely connected but are outside of the core team, are mapped. The dotted line is use to differentiate from roles that are self access (above the line, open to anyone) and referral (below the line, requires an initial referral).

All the materials to support team mapping (patient persona library, step by step facilitation guides, etc.) are available free-of-charge.

See our home page: and the facilitator toolkit from there.

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