Team Player Card


Set up

Get team members to fill out cards either before the session if you are time-poor OR do it as an ice breaker in the session (it's a great way to get people to be present and focus at the start of a meeting or workshop and resist the temptation to multi-tasking)

Speed meets

In the meeting and workshops break team members out into groups of two or three (i.e. break them out into different break out rooms or different VC meetings) for 10 -15minutes. Ask team members rather than presenting their whole card, to select the key area they want to highlight. Importantly get each team member to ask other team members one question to get to a deeper level of understanding of their team member.

Other use cases/ideas

  • Get each new starter to your team and organisation to complete a card

  • Create department or company-wide events where people can 'trade cards' over virtual coffees

  • Link team player cards to your internal employee directory


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Vanessa Sequeira
Head of People Design@Miro
As a business psychologist meets designer meets coach, she leads a team of Learning Designers and Agile who aspire to establish a world-class people design methodology and ways of working
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