Holiday Team Building Activity


For the holiday team building, I have created multiple team building board and this time I decided to have some fun with mini-games.

This board has 4 mini games and each game is well-known game but adapted into Miro.

It can be played by 2 teams and can have a winner team but it has a game to play individually so there can be a only one winner at the end.

It has a scoreboard to easy track of score for individual/teams.

Each game has instruction and navigation link to other game/scoreboard.

Each game is modularised so you can re use the a mini game in another board separately.

Each game is easy to modify to edit questions or replace the contents.

It is also fun exploring slowly by dragging to spot animals and holiday decorations.

Below is some screenshots. Hope you enjoy my board and have an great holiday!


JB Ha image
Business Analyst@SGI (Canada)
Fairly new to the Business Analyst and Agile. Discovered Miro and introduced it to my team in 2019. Now I am addicted to Miro that I always try to integrate my work/tasks with Miro.
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