Secret Santa for your work


When to use Secret Santa?

Remote work and pandemics impose their own limitations on joint meetings and the impossibility of spending Christmas and New Year's Eve events, which have been firmly established in the lives of many teams.

Secret Santa in the world helps:

  • To feel the joy of the approaching New Year and Christmas once again;

  • Bring together the team;

  • Perform the annual ritual with gifts safely and remotely.

How does Secret Santa work?

At the very beginning, a vote / discussion determines the core for your holiday:

  • up to what amount a gift can be given;

  • how many items can be on your wish list;

  • how you will leave or deliver gifts :) .

The whole event is divided into 3 main themes:

  • Creation of a personal card and a wish list;

  • Hidden lottery, where everyone will know whose Santa she/he is;

  • Christmas tree. Here you can follow whose gifts are already in the office or sent.


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Artem Shein
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