Team Charter


Use this template to facilitate a team charter workshop & answer the key questions to define your team best practises:

Team Goals

What kind of team do you want to be? Imagine you got voted the best "[insert team name]" team. Why would that be? What environment did you create in your team? What does it sound like, feel like, look like?

Our Toolsets

The speed of efficiency is the speed at which knowledge flows. Which toolsets does your team use. How can you avoid having too many channels doing the same thing?

Norms and rules

What are the behavioural norms and rules that currently exist in your team? Which rules / behaviours would you like to introduce?


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Vanessa Sequeira
Head of People Design@Miro
As a business psychologist meets designer meets coach, she leads a team of Learning Designers and Agile who aspire to establish a world-class people design methodology and ways of working
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