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Lean Project Charter

About the template

Project Charters are an essential element to any project, as they ensure the project team is able to describe all relevant project details. The Lean Project Charter does all this in one easy space, and leveraging the power of Miro, you can now complete a charter with your team in no time and ensure everyone is on the same page for what we want to do, and how we will do it, and who needs to be involved.

This Miroverse submission includes an easy to follow three part template, with the first part introducing the 10 elements to this Lean Project Charter and a description for each element. This includes:

  1. Background and Business Gap

  2. Problem Statement

  3. Customers and Stakeholders

  4. Goals or Objective Statement

  5. Business Metrics

  6. Assumptions

  7. Out of Scope or Project Boundaries

  8. Project Team

  9. Key Project Milestones and timelines

  10. And Sign Off

Next, there is a brainstorming template complete with sticky notes so you and your team can get all of your ideas captured easily. And finally, there is a blank template where you can develop your final charter in preparation for sign off by the appropriate senior resources.

Get your team on the same page using the Lean Project Charter and you can collaboratively plan out your project activities while ensuring that you deliver exactly what was expected of your team.


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