Comfort Fear Growth Learn


Comfort Fear Growth Learn


Use this template to illustrate the journey of realization and growth.

This template is useful to demonstrate awareness, each step's emotions and mental blockers, and achievement.

  1. Comfort: How does an individual or a group of people feel and have unknown understanding of?

  2. Fear: What are the potential events that can happen in the future? What uncertainities would shape their fear?

  3. Learn: What realization are required to have acceptance?

  4. Growth: What are the mechanisms required to be adaptable and overcome the fear and discomfort?

Example usage

  • Human Centric Security

  • Product-led Growth

  • Personal Growth

  • Safety and Discomfort


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Gary-Yau Chan
Product Growth Leader
I use templates to illustrate complex Product Growth frameworks. With visual diagrams, I help cross functional teams understand growth systems and participate in contributing to growth levers.
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