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Many people are convinced that work is just a job to make money for a real life. And the real life is somewhere out there, outside the office/laptop. It is quite often that this attitude leads to a low-performance, low-engaged team and overall negatively impact teams' atmosphere.

With Avocado Technique template you can help your team members find similar interests and give a motivation in their work. The whole team gets to know each other better, understand who is motivated by what, and potentially incorporate this into their work further.

Avocado technique:

🥑 Give your avocado a name. It could be yours, or any made-up name, but people need to recognise you ;)

🥑 Outside the core is "my global goals" area, write down what you want to do in your life, what are you dream about, e.g. write a book, travel halfway around the world, learn leadership, learn Spanish, launch own startup, move to another country, etc. Fill this area first.

🥑 Inside the core is "how does my work in the team can help with this?" area think about (and write) what could you do within the team that would help both the team and your global goals at the same time, e.g if you want to do a startup you might write: "can help the PO in their work" or "opportunities to explore the automotive market".

🗣After the avocados are filled - present your avocado to the other team members.

P.S. Copy/paste the avocado-frames if you need more; change the sticky note size and type as you need, to give more visibility e.g. about priorities of your goals, both in your life and within the team


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Nick Vitsinsky
Agile Coach/Scrum Master@Nickself
Nick is Amsterdam-based Agile Coach, Scrum Master and Facilitator with a passion for agility, team health and happiness, and... music. With a background of a theatre actor, journalism and public relationship and QA he is having an experience of more than 10 years helping team to find their own path towards success.

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