Active Empathy


Active Empathy is an activity thinking tool for a dynamic customer insights to complement Design Thinking methodologies.

Active Empathy can enrich your Design Thinking capabilities to uncover real customer needs and unique insights to use in your strategy and product development.

Active Empathy consists of 4 steps (Discover, Immerse, Connect, and Detach) organized in a flow. Each phase takes you deeper into the customer world, so you begin to see beyond the obvious (unknown pains and gains, unmet needs). In the flow, you will work on 3 design activities to stimulate your creative thinking and expand on your empathic capabilities.

  • Self-Design: you will put yourself in the customer shoes and challenge yourself to create more encompassing solutions.

  • Co-Design: you will develop a solution together with the customer to close the empathy gap.

  • Impact-Design: you will iterate on your solution to meet the real customer needs and deliver clear benefits by creating long-term value for the customer.

Key benefits of using Active Empathy:

  • You can build and enhance your empathic skills and express with more clarity your findings about the customer.

  • Your team can create a deeper bond with your customers to design for impact and form multiple perspectives on their needs to build better user stories.

  • Your company can provide more empowering experiences to your customers and make more informed strategic decisions to improve product success.

Link to our resource page to get the e-Book

Link to Odd Owtcomes episode on empathy

Have fun in building more empathic connections!


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