Design Brief


What is this template about?

The board is divided into three main parts: (1) The Basics, (2) The Scope and (3) The Copy. This template takes the following structure:

1. The Basics section, pages 1 - 4, focuses the team on the opportunity or problem space they will work on.

The questions here encourage the team to answer questions such as: why are we solving this problem? What outcomes and changes are we trying to change, and how? And what design stages do we need to complete?

2. The Scope section, pages 5 - 8, encourages the team to think of different solutions for the problem.

By framing them as hypotheses the team are able to reframe the problem and explore several experiments. Included in this section is a team analysis and note-taking page. By the end of this section, the team will have several experiments or potential solutions to explore!

3. The Copy section, pages 9 - 12, contains questions relating to the tone of voice that will be used, this sometimes is not included on design briefs but is an important step to take in the process.

What can this template help you achieve?

This template can be used by any team that wants to plan their project in a logical and productive way, as well as keep key information relating to the project centralised in this board.

Who is it for?

Anyone! It can be adapted for any purpose. I typically use it with my design & creative team.

First I complete The Basics section with key stakeholders to identify the reason for doing the project. Next is The Scope, which allows me to explore different opportunities and solutions before committing to one. And finally, The Copy section is completed alongside the UX Writer to identify and direct copy changes.

How can you use it?

Set up time - 5 minutes

  • You can fill this out independently, with your team and/or with other stakeholders.

  • This brief is designed to be a living document.

  • It can be updated collaboratively during meetings, or asynchronously.

Hope you enjoy this template!


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