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An easy-to-use family tree maker

Show historical figure's ancestry or create your own family tree with just a few clicks. Discover fun facts and gain insights into history and genealogy.

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A collaborative family tree maker

Work together to understand one’s family genealogy and the connections between generations using Miro’s family tree maker. Fully visualize the family tree and expand your knowledge about family connections and beyond.

Why Miro is the best family tree maker

Uncover connections

Use Miro’s infinite canvas to expand your family tree, and add as many branches as you want to your diagram. The board is limitless.

Edit like a pro

Miro’s family tree creator has many editing capabilities. With just a few clicks, you can edit and adjust fonts, change colors, and resize your family tree according to your needs.

Make it yours

Create a family tree with everything you need, including images, photos, and videos. You don’t need technical knowledge to add artifacts to the board, simply drag and drop files or import them directly to the board.

Improve your work

Is your family tree diagram complete? Evaluate what you could improve and what information is missing. Use sticky notes for each item and invite others to help you prioritize what to do next with the voting feature.

Invite everyone to participate

Miro’s family tree creator allows you to invite and work with anyone on your board. Share the link with others and let the creative juices flow.

Share it

There are many ways to export your family tree diagram, including saving it as an image or PDF. With Miro’s family tree maker, you can choose the best saving format for you.

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How to create a family tree with Miro


Choose the starting point

Define your family tree diagram's central figure.


Add family branches

Select the shapes and click on the blue dots around them to create a connection line or another shape representing a new person in your family tree. Show how people connect by using solid and dotted lines.


Fill the gaps with information

Write a legend to explain the logic behind your family tree. Add birth dates, marriages, or any other information you think makes sense.

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Family tree maker FAQs

You can create a family tree in many ways, including using Miro. Whether you create a family tree using a ready-made template or make one from scratch, Miro gives you the tools and flexibility to work the way you want.

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