What’s New: What we launched in April 2023

Small updates, big impact — that’s April’s new feature round-up in a nutshell. We hope they’ll make your Miro workflows that much more seamless, especially if your job is to build new products and you’re looking to collaborate, run sprints, or ship a feature much faster.

Read on to see how you can integrate Miro’s newest features, from Private Mode to Card Panels, into your workflow.

Miro Boards

Enjoy a uniform feel by cropping and resizing multiple images

With bulk cropping, you can easily select multiple images and apply masks, such as circles and squares, with a single click. And with bulk resizing, you can quickly resize multiple images at once by height or width, saving you time and effort. It’s almost too easy. What makes it even easier? Using auto layout to instantly align them for a neat, tidy layout.

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Agile Practices

Run retrospectives that side-step group bias

Get — and share — authentic input during your retrospectives with Private Mode. Give teams a private space to reword, prepare, and reflect within a meeting, encouraging more feedback and diverse insights.

Reclaim your time with Program Board

Cut down on hours of manually pulling data and spend more time strategizing with Program Board. This dynamic matrix allows you to import multiple issue types (story, tasks, epics, etc) from an existing Jira Board, and drag-and-drop cards from one sprint to another.

Quickly visualize who does what with Dependencies App

Supercharge productivity and cross-team collaboration using the Dependencies App to connect tasks, and visualize and manage dependencies across teams.

Eliminate workflow interruptions on Cards

To collaborate more efficiently, the new Card Panel will open up on the left-hand side of your Miro board, allowing you continuous access to the board while adding, editing, and updating Jira cards. Also available on Miro Cards.

Apps and Integrations

Capture all input faster with Stickies Packs

Be ready to capture every thought and idea during workshops and brainstorms with an automatic bulk stickies creator. You can even customize them to save your preferences for next time. Try the Stickies Packs app.


Almost 100 new templates and counting

Last month we welcomed nearly 100 new templates in Miroverse — a new record! It just means you have more to choose from when it comes to streamlining workflows and collaboration.

  • ️ Valentine Rousseaux’s Project – Timeline & Key Info template will help you save time and get on the same page as teammates and stakeholders.
  • Shehab Beram’s Product Backlog Refinement Workshop helps you prepare for your sprint by consolidating content in your backlog with a series of activities.
  • ️ Hyperact’s Service Blueprint helps you show the sequence of interactions between customers and service providers, as well as the underlying processes and resources that support those interactions in a clear, simple way.

Publishing in Miroverse is easier than ever

We get it — the Miroverse submission process can be daunting, especially for first-time creators, and rejection can be frustrating. So we’ve made improvements to the Miroverse template publishing flow. What’s included? A step-by-step process, built-in profile creation, tips to avoid common mistakes, an updated Help Center article for clearer guidance, and a more engaging, visual layout to make it easier than ever to share your creations with the world.


Expiration of links to public boards

Enterprise company admins will be able to expire the link to any publicly shared board based on inactivity. The counter will be customizable and measured in days. As boards that were shared will not be accessible when the time frame ends, this adds a layer of extra security and helps reduce business risk.

Stay tuned for May

This is just some of what we’ve been up to lately, and we hope to keep making Miro more useful (and enjoyable) for users like you. Keep an eye out for our next What’s New round-up!

Until then — if May can’t get here soon enough — we hope you’ll take a look at the recently launched Miro AI. Sign-up for its beta version today and show us how you’re using Miro’s in-built AI. The best part? You can enter for a chance to win prizes and behind-the-scenes access to the Miro team and more! The competition ends on the last day of April, so join now.

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