Product Backlog Refinement Workshop


How to use the template?

1. Energy Levels check-in

  • Warmly welcome your participants.

  • Instruct participants to claim a post-it

  • Add their name to it

  • Allow a few extra minutes if you wish to discuss the reasons for the feeling

2. Break down + clean up

  • Use silence and discussion intentionally for different parts of this step. To review the backlog do this in silence and then discuss the further sections with the group.

3. Sprint pyramid

  • Instruct participants to add tasks to post-it notes

  • Think about the immediately upcoming tasks to add to the top of the pyramid

  • Also, appreciate the tasks that need to be considered in the long-term and add to the lower sections

  • After placement, discuss placement within the pyramid, move if necessary and Update during the sprint


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Shehab Beram
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Hello! I'm a Product Manager and a UX researcher. I have a passion for creating and developing empowered, motivated teams who believe in the product vision, understand how they contribute to that vision and are committed to solving customer problems. I believe shared collaboration spaces like Miro are an integral part of collecting and enabling diverse perspectives and making work smarter!
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