Miro integration links compact Trello boards to an endless visual collaboration space

Task management is a multi-functional activity that suits almost any workflow from a spaceship launch to wedding planning. This idea lies in the heart of one of the most popular task tracking solutions — Trello boards.

Trello is an online task management tool, built from boards, lists and cards. Boards are flexible white papers on which users customize columns in order to add lists of cards—just like stickers on a physical whiteboard—from top to the bottom and from left to the right.

However, tasks are just an expression of the activities that need to be accomplished within a defined period of time to work towards work-related goals. In other words, it’s refined information. The entire process stays behind and if linked to the task — leads to better productivity and a shared understanding.

To keep these behind-the-scene processes organized, Trello allows adding comments, attaching files and pictures to cards. Miro integration with Trello takes managing the visual collaboration process to the next level.

Previously, we let you connect Miro boards to Slack and JIRA Cloud and today we are happy to announce that we released the Miro Power-Up for Trello, which is already available on the Trello marketplace.

Now you are able to connect a visual workspace to Trello and easily access visual collaboration boards directly from Trello cards.

About Miro and Trello integration

This power-up is designed to help remote or distributed product and project teams combine trackable plans and tasks with an endless space, where you can put all the references regarding the project/product development: UX templates, customer journeys, sitemaps, user flows, mindmaps, research results, mood boards, etc.

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With this Miro integration, you can still track tasks in an automated task board, while using Miro as virtual shared space just like a meeting room, which allows you to collaborate 24/7 asynchronously or in real-time from any part of the world, making the process as transparent as possible.

UX research virtual board
UX research demo board

Control plans with Trello boards and make behind-the-scene processes transparent with Miro

The Miro power-up allows you to bring a visual component to Trello boards.

  • Сreate or attach Miro boards to Trello cards so that all the results of creative team processes are linked to a dedicated issue and accessed remotely.
  • View or edit boards from Trello, so there is no need to switch between tools, and you can see the progress highlighted on boards in seconds.
  • All the comments left in Miro on user story maps, prototypes, schemes, brainstorming results or references are available in the connected Trello card, making it easy to assess and track progress during retrospectives, or keep for reference.
Miro integration with Trello boards

The Miro power-up for Trello is available at no additional cost for Miro Team account owners.

How to install and configure Miro power-up for Trello

We have prepared a step-by-step guide, where you can quickly learn how to connect Miro and Trello accounts. The guide covers enabling and authentication opportunities. Also, it describes all aspects related to working with boards directly from Trello (like creating or attaching Miro boards, editing and detaching).

Quick tips to get more out of Product Management in Miro

  • Don’t forget to set up specific access rights for board participants and guests.
  • When you and your team are on the board, every participant sees all the changes as they happen in real-time. You can also see what everyone is doing, thanks to the “show collaborators’ cursors” feature.
  • All changes on the board are saved in real-time. When the work is done, you can use the Export menu to download the board as an image, PDF file or any other allowed format.
  • Browse a variety of customizable Miro templates, which help to boost workflow and give a quick start to any project. There are 6 categories of standard Miro templates: Agile, Canvases, Visual planning, UX, Service and Product design, Brainstorming and note-taking and Business analysis / Strategy.
  • Create mock-ups and prototypes of web and mobile apps right on the board using the interactive library of prototyping elements.
  • If you already have a backlog, you can immediately add it to the board in sticky notes by copying cells from the spreadsheet and pasting them to the board, or choose the bulk creation feature in the Sticker tool.
  • Take a picture of physical sticky notes posted on the wall and upload them to Miro as digital stickers. We currently digitize stickers by taking your handwritten text and placing it on top of a Miro sticky note.
  • Vote for ideas on stickers with Emoji reactions.
  • You can download all the sticky notes in CSV anytime (just add a Frame to them).
  • If you have many ideas on a board, use text search feature to find objects by keywords.

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