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Miro Online Community: 10,000 members and counting

January 20, 2021

At Miro, we believe in the power of community. It’s crucial to have a group of like-minded people to connect and discuss what matters, especially during this challenging time.

Last year, people around the world began to gather in the Miro Online Community to share ideas, learn best practices, meet other Miro users, and get support. We’ve now reached an incredible milestone of 10k registered community members! Today we want to share what our inspiring members have accomplished and how joining our community can benefit you.

Marina Pérminova

Online Community Manager at Miro

Marina’s experience in teaching, hospitality, and customer service has led her to community building at Miro, which she is absolutely excited and passionate about!

The magic and the strength of Miro (and its community) is that you give us so much space to be ourselves.

 Michael Landers

What is the Miro Online Community?

Miro Online Community is an online space where people using Miro in their work and personal lives can connect, share their knowledge, and get answers to their burning questions. Designers, consultants, and facilitation experts worldwide have sparked over 2,000 conversations and helped answer over 1,000 questions from their peers.

The biggest value of the Miro community is the people — and what a great group of people we are!

 Martina Crnkovic

Why join the Miro Online Community?

Get inspired

Miro Online Community is an excellent source of inspiration to see what else you can do in Miro. Learn how people use Miro for non-work activities, have a look at community artwork, and try out other members’ best practices for board design. Also, make sure to subscribe to Miro Art & Inspiration to stay tuned for more creative content and ideas.

Community member Sam Shennan shares an original piece of artwork created natively within Miro
This community has been a lifesaver (many times), full of insights and ideas to make magic for my clients and learners.

 Isman Tanuri

Get help and support

Need to validate an idea with an industry expert? Get help from your peers? Discuss a project with like-minded people? Try searching our Community Forum or just go ahead and ask your question. This is also the place where you can share your own expertise and help your peers.

The community has helped me in a few different ways. When I was learning the platform it was a great source of knowledge, whether that was different ways to do things or workarounds until a product enhancement became available.

 Kiron Bondale

Put your best board forward

Unleash your creativity with some friendly competition. Compete in our regular templates challenge series How Do You Miro? by submitting your favorite Miro board according to the theme. Check out the winners for the best Miro warmups and icebreakers on our blog and stay tuned for future challenges.

This fun holiday team building activity was submitted by JB Ha and is now live in Miroverse

Help shape the future of Miro

Make your voice heard by submitting your dream features to our Wish List and voting for the best ones! So far, over 20 wishlist ideas have become new Miro features. You can also subscribe to the Changelog to receive the latest product updates and share your feedback.

There have been so many benefits including … making numerous internal Miro contacts which led to some great discussions and also opportunities for me to directly contribute to upcoming Miro features.

 Robert Johnson

Let’s keep growing together

Thank you to all of our community members for contributing your time and expertise. It has been so exciting watching our community grow and thrive. If you’re interested in joining the Miro Online Community, register today and introduce yourself, then share your Miro story!

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