More visibility and better insights with Miro App for Splunk

As Miro is used for more and more use cases across a growing number of teams and organizations, IT and security leads need better visibility into what is happening within Miro.

With these users in mind, we are constantly improving the ways we empower teams innovate better and more securely by monitoring user activity, identifying suspicious behavior, and making data-driven decisions in real-time. That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with Splunk, the Data-to-Everything platform that helps businesses manage and protect their data.

As part of the partnership, Miro has built the new Miro App for Splunk on Splunkbase, which lets Miro Enterprise customers pull audit logs from Miro directly into Splunk. This will provide visibility into key activities including what’s been uploaded or downloaded from Miro and adds a layer of insight to Miro’s robust security features.

This new app leverages the more granular insights provided by our recently improved audit log, which includes new events that expand visibility into key actions within Miro.

With this new Splunk integration alongside the improved audit log, Miro customers can now:

  1. Automate ingestion of data from Miro’s updated audit logs directly into Splunk, eliminating the need for manual data exports, and ensuring that Splunk is always in sync with Miro.
  2. Gain actionable insights with the pre-built usage and adoption dashboard, which monitors key user activity to enable more informed decision-making.
  3. Streamline security monitoring with the pre-built security dashboard so you can easily monitor and detect threats or policy violations that may occur across your organization, supporting your efforts to protect sensitive data and meet compliance requirements.

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The Miro App for Splunk is available for Splunk Enterprise customers who are on the Miro Enterprise plan. To get started, download the app from Splunkbase and follow these activation steps from your Miro Profile settings.

With a vision to build the leading enterprise ecosystem, Miro continues to expand our enterprise capabilities by partnering with top security and compliance vendors. While our core features delight users and enable teams to innovate across hybrid, distributed, and remote teams, we continue to design and build Miro Enterprise with IT, security, and compliance teams in mind.

The new Splunk partnership is just one of many platform improvements and integrations underway to ensure a secure, flexible, and scalable enterprise solution for our customers.

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