Learn Miro basics with new template pack

Facilitators and champions who onboard new Miro users can take advantage of our new How-to templates available in the Building Blocks section.

Each template includes an image showing where to find the tool, a short gif demonstrating the tool in use, and an exercise to try it out. Feel free to use the templates when organizing workshops and meetings.

Here’s a quick rundown on the 5 techniques you’ll want to teach first:

1. Navigation

Navigation includes zooming and moving around the board.

Navigating the infinite canvas

2. Sticky notes

Sticky notes are great for quick brainstorming, taking notes, and arranging information visually. If you’re familiar with putting stickies on a board, you’ll feel right at home.

Sticky notes are the building blocks of any brainstorm

3. Reactions

Reactions let you show, not say, how you feel or what you think in the moment. You can select from six emojis to express yourself during meetings and workshops. Participants can also raise their hands and notify facilitators.

Reactions are a fun, interactive way to engage with others


Comments let you start discussions in any place on the board. Comments are perfect for leaving feedback or adding additional context. Asynchronous communication is ideal for remote teams, especially if you have teammates in multiple time zones.

Leave comments to collaborate async

5. Following

Following others around a board makes real-time collaboration easy. Our “Bring Everyone to Me” feature asks collaborators to follow you directly in Miro. This powerful facilitation feature allows meeting organizers and workshop facilitators to guide participants and ensure everyone is engaged.

Learn from the experts
You don’t need to screen share when using Miro

Once you master the basics, you can keep building on them.

We have more resources tailored for different learning styles and experience levels so you can learn your way.

We’ve covered the core skills we believe you’ll need to get started creating, collaborating, and working in Miro — now we’d love to hear from you.

What do you think the core skills are for getting started with Miro? Let us know your best tips for teaching with Miro in the community.

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