Announcing EU data residency for our enterprise-grade visual collaboration platform

Enabling team collaboration has been core to Miro’s vision since day one. And, with the emergence of hybrid work, we’ve seen exciting new opportunities to innovate and build new products and solutions.

But, as we’ve led the charge on bringing visual collaboration to teams across the world, an important trend has emerged: Companies are increasingly concerned (and rightfully so!) about data privacy — with a growing focus on where information is stored and unveiling whether it contains personal data.

Because of this important trend, we have since set out on a journey to ensure our product would meet the privacy needs of our customers, not to mention the requirements of laws such as GDPR.

Now, we’re pleased to announce a new data residency solution—the first of its kind for an enterprise-grade visual collaboration platform. Keep reading to learn more!

The challenge

Data privacy officers and legal chiefs are obliged to follow regional regulations and their own company policies regarding privacy, as well as the wider and more restrictive regulatory framework worldwide, GDPR.

GDPR dictates that all the personal data must be stored in-region, within EU data centers. So no full name, email account, postal address or any personal identifiable information can be hosted outside the European borders.

When leaders decide to leverage SaaS vendors, one of the main challenges is protecting the privacy of your employees. At Miro, we’re fully committed to supporting this journey.

Miro’s EU data residency solution

With our new EU data residency program, all customer content will be stored in EU data centers — from compute infrastructure and production data to backup data, including metadata. No personal data will be hosted outside Europe.

While designing this, we learned about our customers’ needs and emphasized on building it following three pillars:

  • In-region compute infrastructure and storage. This avoids transfers off-region between the different IT elements.
  • No personal data is contained within metadata or the configuration settings. We must protect privacy in a wider sense beyond production or backup storage.
  • The product features must remain available. Enables you to comply with GDPR, without limiting access to what you were doing so far.

We understand that some customers may want to host their data in the United States. If you’re an Enterprise Plan customer and you would like your data to be hosted in the US, please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

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