Design effective Generative AI solutions with Cloudflare architecture templates in Miro

If you’re already using Miro as a digital canvas for collaborative work, you know it excels at workflows like ideation, planning, and process design. But did you know you can also use Miro to visually map out your Cloudflare infrastructure and service deployments for your next Generative AI solution? In this post, we’ll introduce a set of new, ready-made Cloudflare architecture diagram templates available in Miro, designed in partnership with Cloudflare. 

What are Cloudflare architecture diagrams?

Cloudflare is a suite of services to protect and accelerate websites and online applications. This includes DNS (Domain Name System), CDN (Content Delivery Network), and other services to make websites faster and more secure.

The main purpose of Cloudflare is to improve website performance, security, and reliability by acting as a reverse proxy for web traffic. This means website visitors don’t communicate with your own server, but with the Cloudflare network.

You might use a Cloudflare architecture diagram to map out how the Cloudflare network interacts with your own infrastructure, so you can architect software solutions based on your specific context and needs.

Cloudflare architecture diagram templates for common Generative AI solutions

Now let’s focus on templates. With a template, you can add a Cloudflare diagram to your Miro board with just a few clicks, then collaborate with your team to customize it, reviewing everything together in one workspace. 

The diagram can provide guidance on the decisions you should make given the certain solution you are trying to deploy.

Simply choose the template you want via the template picker and then customize the diagram from there. Because each Miro board is a living document, your Cloudflare architecture diagram becomes a centralized place where every stakeholder can brainstorm designs together, leave feedback, and always find the latest version. 

Cloudflare Automatic Captioning for Video

We’ve compiled a few Cloudflare architecture templates to help you get started on your next Cloudflare deployment.

This template outlines the process of automatic captioning for video upload. It depicts the flow from video upload to audio transcription and subtitle creation, culminating in storage and retrieval from Cloudflare’s infrastructure. It illustrates system interactions like API requests and caching mechanisms that optimize performance.

Cloudflare Automatic Captioning for Video (click on image to use template in Miro)

Cloudflare RAG Architecture Knowledge Queries

This template details the process of knowledge queries within a Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) framework. It illustrates the steps from a client sending a query to the system, generating embedding vectors, searching for related vectors, retrieving relevant documents, and generating a text response. This diagram demonstrates how different components interact to enhance the generation of contextually accurate text responses.

Cloudflare RAG Architecture Knowledge Queries (click on image to use template in Miro)

Cloudflare RAG Architecture Knowledge Seeding

This architecture diagram illustrates the process of integrating external data into a system. It shows the steps starting with client uploads and processing inputs, followed by batch progressing, then generating and storing embedding vectors, and finally ending with document storage and acknowledgement mechanisms. This helps prevent system overload and ensure successful data integration.

Cloudflare RAG Architecture Knowledge Seeding (click on image to use template in Miro)

Cloudflare Content-based Asset Creation

This template visualizes the steps in generating visual content from textual input. It involves processing the input text, generating tailored prompts for a text-to-image model, performing safety checks to ensure content compliance, and finally generating the image. This process is facilitated by AI models.

Cloudflare Content-based Asset Creation (click on image to use template in Miro)

Build a Cloudflare architecture diagram in Miro today

As you can see, these templates provide a diagramming framework so you can quickly visualize and document your Cloudflare setup. This means you can iterate and communicate your architecture to the rest of your team and stakeholders.

The result? Smoother planning and decision-making around your Cloudflare implementation.

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