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3 simple ways to boost your brainstorming session with Miro

Brainstorming has become an essential part of every creative process. We use it almost everywhere – when we need to choose a name for the product, develop new feature, create characters for the book, thinking of how to raise company revenue or even if we decide on the best sports activity for company employees. The secret is simple – brainstorming allows you to generate a lot of ideas, which could never be created in a standard situation. Let’s take a look at 3 simple ways to boost your brainstorming session with Miro.

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First, you should create a board for brainstorming and all of your group members should have an account at Miro. They can sign up for free before the session or you can send them invites just as you create your brainstorming board. Below you’ll find a list of tools you can use during your brainstorming session and explanation of three situations in which Miro can help.

Tools to use:

Brainstorming session, option 1:

You are in the same room and all have their devices

Save your paper (yes, we are really green technology!) and give everyone his own whiteboard and sticky notes. Just open your board, invite all the participants and let them their virtual sticky notes. You can use any brainstorming technique (even use our Random words templates). One of the most important things is the need of time limitation, after the time is up, you can discuss everything “offline” and add the most important comments right on the board.

Benefits: you won’t lose any sticky note, you’ll not make a crowd near one whiteboard or paper, everything will be stored online and you’ll be able to continue working on your ideas even after your brainstorming session.

Brainstorming session, option 2:

You are in the same room, but you have one-for-all device

Sometimes you come up with an idea, and you have only your whiteboard or even paper and pen. It’s a common situation – you start to discuss something, write your ideas on a whiteboard and… realize that you have a limited space. And then you erase something and start to fill your whiteboard with other ideas. That’s cool, but sometimes you need to see all the ideas, all the process that resulted in those ideas and suggestions. And we have a solution (actually, we also do so during our meetings) – you can take pictures of your whiteboard and continue the discussion online in a whiteboard format. Just take a look at the picture below.

Brainstorming session in Miro

Continue the discussion in Miro

Benefits: all your thoughts won’t be erased and will stay with your team online, the process will be visible (and analysis will be simpler) and discussion can be easily continued later after your offline brainstorming session. Moreover, you can share the information with those who couldn’t attend the meeting and do not limit yourself by physical whiteboard size.

Brainstorming session, option 3:

You are in different parts of the world (city, country, or galaxy) 

Thanks to the Internet, today we are not tied to any particular location and can work from any part of the world. That’s why more and more companies think about remote work and practice it. It’s not a secret that one of the problems of remote work is lack of natural communication. Online whiteboard gives your remote team an opportunity to collaborate naturally bringing everyone on the same page, and such features as screen sharing, video chat provide live communication.

Remote brainstorming session

Brainstorming with remote team

Benefits: communication with your remote team is becoming more natural as you are using a shared whiteboard, collaboration in real-time speeds up your brainstorming process, you are able to see what your team members are doing and all the results are saved and accessible online.

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