Guiding AI innovation: Miro’s principles and practices

At Miro, our mission is to empower teams to create the next big thing. As we navigate the evolving landscape of AI technology, we’re keenly aware of the exciting opportunities it offers, as well as the potential challenges it poses. We believe that simply harnessing AI isn’t enough; it must be wielded with both responsibility and care. 

Harnessing AI with integrity: Miro’s guiding principles

To make sure we remain grounded in this endeavor, we’re thrilled to introduce our guiding principles and practices, championing ethical and responsible AI development. Our engagement with AI isn’t just about its integration. It’s a commitment to ensuring that every AI implementation continues to foster trust and transparency with our customers, users, and partners.

Miro’s four principles of AI development

1. Maintain accountability through transparent models 

Trust is built on transparency. Miro’s commitment to transparent AI models means users always understand how AI decisions are made, including what models are used. Not only are we accountable for our technology — we will also help our partners maintain the same standards when it comes to model quality considerations.

2. Establish trust by prioritizing privacy and security to safeguard customer data 

Miro places the utmost importance on security and data privacy, adhering to industry-leading global standards and policies. By continuously monitoring potential threats to protect the data of our customers and users and strictly adhering to global standards, we help our customers’ data remain sacrosanct. 

3. Allow customers to preserve control when using our AI-enabled features 

The AI tools we develop at Miro are designed to enhance customer experiences, streamline workflows, and provide insights — without replacing human potential. We provide our customers with the means to opt in or out of AI services and we actively seek feedback to align our offerings with customers’ needs. We design AI solutions to augment your experience, but the reins remain firmly in your hands.

4. Strive for inclusive solutions that promote fairness and equity 

AI’s potential is vast, but it must be harnessed ethically. Our commitment to fairness means we continually strive to minimize biases in individuals and communities, ensuring our solutions are equitable and inclusive. Through rigorous testing, content filters, and diverse perspective integration, we will provide solutions that are just and fair.

Translating principles into practices

These four principles — transparency, trust, human control, and fairness and equity — form the foundation of Miro’s AI development and innovation. We have further refined these principles into specific practices for Miro Assist, our generative AI-powered solution that helps teams supercharge their work. To learn more, read our Miro Assist Practices

The horizon of AI is ever-expanding, and as we dive deeper into the possibilities, our principles and practices will naturally evolve. But our commitment to ethical AI innovation will remain constant. 

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