2020: The year that tested our resilience and adaptability

I sometimes find myself wondering how we’ll remember 2020 when we reflect on it in the future. Will our dominant memories be anxiety and uncertainty over how long the pandemic would last? The grief of losing so many people to the virus? Or the frustrations of canceled plans and events?

My hope is that among all the mixed emotions we’ll look back and be inspired by the remarkable efforts that kept the world moving during such a difficult time. Around the globe, hundreds of millions of people made sacrifices, changed their habits, and powered through their days with strength in the face of an unprecedented situation. Parents and teachers juggled distance learning, conferences went virtual, and businesses of all sizes adopted virtual collaboration to keep teams connected.

Our team at Miro was humbled to be a critical platform for millions of people who turned a mandate to work from home into an opportunity to reinvent collaboration, bring their teams together virtually for crucial meetings and celebrations, and continue to build the next big thing with an inspiring level of resilience.

Because of the increasing demand for visual collaboration tools to create in real time, 2020 was a time of enormous growth for both our product and our team. We moved at breakneck speed to keep up with our customers and pushed ourselves to innovate, while also trying to adapt to the new way of working. I’m extremely grateful for our customers and proud of our team who made our 2020 successful in spite of all the challenges presented by COVID.

Remote work created a massive need for engaging collaboration

Our rapid growth reveals that millions of newly remote teams had technology needs that weren’t being met prior to the start of the pandemic. On October 20th, we had surpassed 10 million Miro users – a huge feat that serves as a testament to the universal need for a real-time whiteboard.

Miro’s infinite whiteboard is better than a real whiteboard, because I can put in any type of information and then rearrange it and mesh it together however I like.

 Si Min Lee, Sr. Product Designer, Zendesk

What also became apparent is that teams are more international than ever before. In fact, some Miro boards have had users from 40 or more countries collaborating together in real time.

Where is Miro used? 

Miro has enabled us to keep doing what we know gets results, even under COVID constraints

 Paul Sloup, VP of Lean, GE Digital

It’s true that many SaaS solutions expanded in 2020. So why would teams that already use email, work management tools, messaging, and video conferencing platforms need Miro? Our users say our product uniquely allows them to bridge a vital gap: team engagement. Communicating for hours via text and video conferencing is a slog through long days of remote work. In Miro, collaborating visually helps create a sense of connectedness amongst colleagues.

Miro is great at helping people make and think at the same time.

 Andrea Anderson, Global Head of User Experience, Guidewire Software

Growing the Miro team for changing times

It was a huge year of adaptation for our users, and our team had to innovate to keep up. In January of 2020, we had 250 employees on our team. Today, we have more than 500. We’ve added talent to our team in all of our hubs, with especially fast growth in Austin, Amsterdam, and LA. 

58 DevOps

51 Sales

32 Customer Success

27 Marketing

116 Product / Dev

36 People

This was also a massive year of growth for our platform. In 2020, we released countless updates to Miro, and those improvements fall into a few key categories.

Meetings & Workshops

Enabling our users to run engaging meetings & workshops to unlock brilliant ideas and innovations from their teams.

Remote Work

Powering connected and productive work from anywhere for the hundreds of millions of knowledge workers forced into remote work by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Providing enterprises with a safe, secure, and high-performance platform supporting collaboration at scale.

Miro Experts

Helping users leverage the Miro community, Miro Experts, and our partners to build a powerful platform for collaboration.

We’re extremely proud that a large number of features we released came as a result of feedback from our user community. But getting feedback from users isn’t enough for us – we strive to put it into action to improve the experience of Miro every day.

Thank you to everyone for an amazing year

This year presented enormous challenges, and to successfully make it through, we all had to rise to the occasion, adapt, and show our resilience. I thank our customers, our partners, and our team who were along for the journey. There are a lot of reasons to be optimistic about 2021.

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