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Today I’m excited to share that Miro has passed the incredible milestone of 10 million people who rely on our platform to bring their ideas to life. This number represents nearly 300% growth since March 1st, as millions of teams across the world have adopted Miro to stay connected and build engaged, collaborative cultures while working remotely.

One of the most exciting things about our growth is that it comes from so many different sectors, and I’m constantly inspired by the diverse ways in which you’re using Miro. Thousands of schools and universities have adopted Miro to help teachers engage students during distance learning. Governments, healthcare, and research organizations are collaborating in Miro to solve the complex challenges presented by the pandemic. And Miro is now used by 95% of enterprise companies in the Fortune 100, for every business function imaginable.

Miro’s success is rooted in our platform’s ability to create connections between team members, regardless of their location. When we visualize our ideas, we give our colleagues a window into our minds. And when we work together in real time on the same board, we can feel the energy and passion that binds our teams together. During the pandemic, we know this connection is more important than ever.

In this strange and difficult year, I thank you on behalf of our team for choosing Miro as your partner in collaboration. You’ve shared Miro with your friends and peers, given us crucial feedback, and taught us new ways to leverage our platform we could never have imagined. We’re thrilled to hit this milestone. And we’re just getting started.

Quotes from you

When the pandemic hit, those of us who thrive on in-person collaboration were worried that our creativity and productivity would suffer. Miro was the perfect tool and helped us with collaboration, whiteboarding, and retrospectives while remote.

Roxanne Mustafa, Design Team Lead, VMware

We have reduced the number of meetings in design cycles by allowing independent, asynchronous reviewing and commenting in Miro. This reduces the total elapsed calendar time of any project.

Ryan Hicks, Learning Experience Director, Llamasoft

As human beings, our behaviors are what drive change, and tools like Miro help us really create that impact.

JES HARBER, Senior Project Manager at Mailchimp

I think it’s absolutely essential that tools like Miro are used for collaboration and brainstorming. It’s really springboarded how we work as a business.

Rachel Murphy, CEO Difrent

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