Free licenses for your clients
(non-team users)

Invite clients to collaborate securely on one or more shared boards. These users are not added to your team and are completely free of charge.
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Info & FAQ

  • Invite clients, or people outside your organization, to collaborate safely, on one or more boards without needing to invite them to your team boards. These users are registered and when added to your board(s), have full access to the features of your paid Miro plan and continued access to shared boards in their dashboard. Adding your clients as non-team users is free of charge.

    Once you share a board with someone, they will continue to have access to your collaborative boards on their dashboard, perfect for long term collaboration. This access does not expire unless you remove them.
  • Go to your account settings
    Select the team you want to enable non-team users on.

    Open your team settings and go to Permissions. Go to the section on Non-team users & select allowed to enable.
  • ⚠️ Please be aware that once accepted into the program, Day passes will be switched off on your account, Instead you will have non-team users, a new free role for external users.

    Once this is done, you can not revert to using Day Passes.

    Those who were added to your team, will no longer have access and those who had individual boards shared with them, will only retain comment access.

    You can re-invite those users as non-team users, however you will no longer be able to invite them using Day Passes.
  • To invite them, enter their email in the board sharing window and select their level of access (Editing, Commenting or Viewing), and select: Add as non-team user.

    (Please note, that non-team users should be signed into Miro in order to access shared boards. Registered users will see your team on their dashboard with only the boards that you add them to)

    🔒 Boards can be public or private when sharing with non-team users.
  • Non-team users can access and collaborate on shared boards under their real names as they are registered in Miro. As a result you can see their activity, and they will be notified when you @ them in comments. Making your work together more visible and collaborative.

    In your board sharing settings non-team members will also have a badge to identify them as such. Making it easy to see who has access to what.
  • Non-team users will receive your invitation by email with a link to the board.

    Once Non-team users are registered and on your shared boards, they will be editors, commenters or viewers based on your given permission. If they are editors they can access your paid plan functionality, including:

    • Collaborative functionalities (eg. Start Video chat/Screen sharing/Voting session)
    • Ability to view & restore board content through the activity list
    • Mention others & receive board notifications
    • Lock/unlock objects on the boards
    • Access to your team installed applications

    Non-team users can NOT:

    • Create boards
    • Change board sharing settings
    • Perform actions or change settings of the team dashboard.
    • See team boards, in their dashboard they will only see and access boards shared with them.
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