Workshop Session Plan


The Workshop Session Plan Canvas offers a sequence of activities that include the use of a canvas that helps facilitators, teachers and speakers to organize face-to-face or digital meetings with participants in various types of events, including workshops and training sessions.

When to use the Workshop Session Plan Canvas?

As a leader or facilitator, you need to create, clarify and define your goals by organizing workshops, preferably visualizing the complete experience, but mainly defining each stage of the participants' journey and the activities you want to provide in pursuit of your goals. The Session Plan Canvas Workshop allows you to zoom in or zoom out at different stages of your proposal, whether in meetings from a few hours to several days.

Why use the Workshop Session Plan Canvas?

Orchestrating each step of your consumers' journey throughout the experience of a workshop or training is difficult and confusing, but with this artifact, you will be able to deliver encounters that will not come out of people's memories. Create each moment with a focus on your consumer and have control over each moment of interaction.


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