Workshop Preparation Canvas


Good preparation is key when delivering workshops, trainings and events. Often details of your workshop might be scattered across several mediums but this canvas brings it all together on one page. This canvas allows you to think about the 6 P’s of preparation.

The 6 P’s of preparation

  • Purpose – Why is this workshop happening?

  • Practicalities – What will be required?

  • Participants – Who needs to be there?

  • Products – What are the inputs and outputs?

  • Process – What is the agenda?

  • Principles – How do we want to work?

How to use the Workshop Preparation Canvas

Whenever you start planning a workshop, start by thinking across these dimensions and adding relevant information for each.

The canvas can be used individually but is a great tool to communicate with your facilitation team and key stakeholders of your workshops.

Once you have several examples, previous canvases allow you to accelerate preparation of future sessions.

Use this canvas to reduce your anxiety of forgetting small details, keep everyone on the same page and build confidence that the workshop will be awesome!


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Toby Sinclair
Executive Coach & Facilitator
Toby is an Executive Coach and Facilitator based in London. He has 12+ years experience in the technology industry ranging from hands-on software development roles to senior leadership positions. His unique blend of skills both in technology and psychology disciplines enables him to work with people at all levels organisations with credibility and empathy.
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