Workshop Planning


It takes a lot of work and planning to design an engaging and effective workshop.

The Workshop Planning template contains a variety of canvases which enable teams to work together to develop and organize large workshops (both in person and virtual).

Step 1: Start with The Planning Canvas to define the objective of the workshop, identify participants, key dates and supplies needed.

Step 2: Use The Pre-read Canvas to embed pre-read materials or other prep work that may be assigned to participants.

Step 3: Finish your planning by laying out the agenda, including objectives, activities and desired outcomes for each area in the Agenda Framework.

These modules can grow or shrink depending on their allotted time and importance to the overall workshop.


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Deanna Gilbert
Sr. Service Designer@Baker McKenzie
Innovation strategist and service designer with broad experience in medical devices, consumer goods, and legal services. Currently exploring the intersection of design, law and human experience.
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