What Type of Mobile App Should I Use?


This template is a brief presentation on the different types of mobile applications. It generally compares responsive web applications, progressive web applications, hybrid mobile applications, and native mobile applications.

It follows the presentation with an interactive component designed for the user to quickly gauge which of the mobile application types might best fit their project.

It is suited for use by agencies working with client, or if you are an independent product owner looking to begin a mobile application project.


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Managing Director@Fabled Solutions
If I had to use only a single web app in my business I would choose Miro. Don't tell my developers this, as they would probably mention how fundamental Github is to our business... or our cloud hosting solutions... or ... Well, let's just say I love Miro for everything other than those "mission critical" systems. It fills the gaps and gives me a free flowing canvas that is interactive and limitless in its potential.
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