Magic Prioritization


When managing products and projects in a scaled agile organization, prioritizing beyond the borders of one team or even across large business units is one of the most challenging tasks for participating Product Owners, Managers or Shareholders. One of the reasons is the fact that a common method for prioritization is often missing. At borisgloger consulting we combined Magic Estimation invented by Boris Gloger with Donald Reinertsens Prioritization Matrix, which is based on Cost of Delay and Duration of a work package.

This estimation game is generic and can be used for almost all prioritization approaches. We can use it for stories of a single team, but also for prioritizing epics/features of an entire portfolio and multiple teams.


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Steffen Bernd
Management Consultant@borisgloger consulting GmbH
borisgloger is a consulting company helping organizations to transform into sustainable excellence. We strive to support companies in becoming a pacemakers for the future. We support them with agility, courage and empathy.
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