Multi-Ocean Strategy Tool


Multi-Ocean Strategy is a powerful tool to connect the dots, integrate multiple perspectives, and get to unique insights that give you the confidence to make decisions.

The standards for success are evolving rapidly and require a more holistic understanding of what is at stake to reset and break through existing boundaries.

When you use the Multi-Ocean Strategy, you will:

  • Make informed decisions based on a broader understanding of the business context;

  • Communicate better and more effectively patterns and insights to stimulate creativity and collaboration;

  • Execute with impact to turn your strategic responses into successful outcomes.

Multi-Ocean Strategy helps you navigate the rapidly changing business context and identify relevant insights by infusing components of strategy, branding, and innovation.

  • Immerse in multiple oceans to understanding changing market dynamics and identify relevant opportunities

  • Discover your true strength as a player and what different roles align best with your identity and purpose

  • Get ready to face risks in the face of monsters

  • Make more effective and informed decisions


2 hours: if your team had sufficient insights to map the required elements

4 hours: if your team has done a light preparation prior to the workshop

Team size:

4-6 people with diverse roles, expertise, and perspectives


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