Webinar Planning Canvas


The Webinar Planning Canvas provides an easily zoomable overview and digestible timeline to make your webinar prep/launch a breeze.

When to use the Webinar Planning Canvas?

This template is all about preparation early in the game and organization throughout. Making sure everyone is on the same page is important to us here at Unito, so we created this "Webinar Planning Canvas". Giving your team a chance to express their thoughts, concerns, and suggestion about the topic before any concrete decisions have been made gives everyone the chance to warm up to, and be engaged with the process further down the line.

Use this template for planning through all the stages of the webinar launch, from start to finish it's a one-stop-shop for all your webinar planning needs.

Our Webinar Planning Canvas works across multiple touchpoints:

  • Brainstorming/ideation;

  • Outline/planning;

  • Deck creation;

  • Dry run critique framework;

How does the Webinar Planning Canvas work?

Don't panic, you'll be guided through the whole process, step by step:

  • Internal webinar kickoff session (30-minute session)

  • Planning session with presenters (30-60 minute session)

  • Creating the webinar outline (30-60 minute session)

  • Collaborating with CRM teams

  • Social media Promotional brainstorm (30-minute session, open-ended)

  • Blog considerations

  • Webinar deck template (30 minutes - 3 days, that depends on you)

  • Constructive criticism session for the dry run (length of webinar + 30 minute debrief)

  • and of course, a whole bunch of encouragement until the moment you go live


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Reid Thomas
Community Marketing & PR @Unito
I am a community marketing and public relations intern here at Unito. I was first introduced to Miro during a presentation and have since fallen in love with it, last week I used it to plan my garden for next summer!

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