Startup Snakes and Ladders


This template is a fun way to present a growth plan to your staff in a memorable manner.

By plugging in all of the tactics you plan on using to drive growth and the detrimental factors that you fear may hinder your success, you are not only filling in a board game, you are effectively communicating your vision in a way that enables team members to understand the logic behind the decisions.

Snakes and Ladders was initially created as a method of teaching children morality and virtue. This iteration is a long way from that but one cannot deny its educational power as it encourages us to think beyond the day to day implications of our decisions.

How to play Startup Snakes and Ladders:

Snakes and ladders is a worldwide classic board game! Navigate your piece from start to finish (follow the numbers on the squares), avoid the pitfalls of public relations, and reap the rewards of proper branding to climb the ladders in this team alignment game. A player moving up the board represents a team successfully marketing a Startup on its journey to Unicorn status.

To play all you need is a dice (bonus points for using the Dice app from the Miro Marketplace), a smile and an open mind.


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Reid Thomas
Community Marketing & PR @Unito
I am a community marketing and public relations intern here at Unito. I was first introduced to Miro during a presentation and have since fallen in love with it, last week I used it to plan my garden for next summer!
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