Garden Planning


The garden planning template is a great way to save yourself time and frustration come planting season. This template is meant to serve as an inspiration and not strictly as a guide, every garden is different.

Not only is Miro a fantastic collaboration tool to put all invested members on the same page, it's also a phenomenal visualization tool. Use the basics of this template to visualize your garden at different stages of the growing season and approximate what light levels will be like throughout those long summer days.

Lastly, don't forget to hide all of your plant metadata in the comments of the crop photos. I find it handy to use comments to make notes and clarify quantities.


Reid Thomas image
Reid Thomas
Community Marketing & PR @Unito
I am a community marketing and public relations intern here at Unito. I was first introduced to Miro during a presentation and have since fallen in love with it, last week I used it to plan my garden for next summer!
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