Virtual Book Club


This is fun template to facilitate virtual book club meetings. Either you are reading a book with your teammates or organizing a group of hobbyists, this board will help you to keep everyone aligned, document your best insights, and even plan your next initiative at work or a creative project you'd like to pursue.

How to use Virtual Book Club Template

Before you start:

  • Decide on the book you'd like to read and cadence that is comfortable for all the participants (for example, two chapters each week);

  • If the book is available online, drop a link to each chapter/excerpt under 'This week's reading.'

During the first session:

  • Use 'Welcome to the club!' frame to introduce yourself, meet other participants, and learn about their favorite books and their hobbies;

  • Take 10-15 minutes to write down all your favorite quotes from this week's chapter and document any open questions you have after reading this part of the book;

  • Let every participant share their favorite quotes and questions and facilitate discussion among participants. Write down key points under 'Discussion' frame;

  • Close the discussion by asking everyone to share their takeaways from the book club meeting (and document them on the board);

  • If you are reading a book with your teammates, 'Takeaways' section can serve as a repository of action items/project ideas that allow you to apply your learnings at your current company;

  • Repeat this process until the book is over.

During the Book Club retro:

  • Ask every participant to share their takeaways and what are they reading next. If you'd like to write anything about the book (an essay, a LinkedIn post, a Twitter thread), add it to the frame as well — maybe you can collaborate with your peers on your next creative project?


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