Values-Driven Content Strategy


This template is designed for professionals seeking to integrate their organization’s core values into a compelling and cohesive content narrative. Tailored for roles within Marketing, this board offers a structured series of exercises that guide users through the creation of value-driven content, ensuring every piece aligns with their brand’s ethos and resonates with their target audience.

What is values-driven content strategy?

A values-driven content strategy is a strategic approach to content creation and distribution that aligns with and reflects an organization's core principles and ethical standards. It's about crafting and sharing content that not only informs and engages but also embodies the values at the heart of a brand's identity, fostering trust and building lasting relationships with the audience. This strategy ensures that all content, from marketing materials to social media posts, contributes to a cohesive narrative that promotes the organization's mission and amplifies its commitment to making a positive impact.

Components of a Values-Driven Content Strategy

Identify Core Values

  • Enumerate the fundamental beliefs and principles that represent your organization's ethos.

  • Example: Commitment to Community, Environmental Responsibility, Ethical Sourcing.

Define Your Audience

  • Pinpoint your audience demographics and psychographics, especially their value system.

  • Example: Socially-aware millennials, green living advocates, ethically-minded shoppers.

Content Themes

  • Craft overarching narratives that resonate with both your values and your audience's interests.

  • Example: "Fashion with a Conscience," "Eco Warriors in Action."

Content Formats

  • Select the mediums and styles that best showcase your themes to your target demographic.

  • Examples: Behind-the-scenes vlogs, sustainability reports, ethical fashion lookbooks.

Content Planning

  • Organize a strategic schedule that outlines when and where your content will be shared.

  • Example: Seasonal sustainability campaigns, monthly ethical spotlight features.

Creation and Curation

  • Produce and gather content that speaks to your themes and reinforces your values.

  • Example: Collaborations with eco-friendly influencers, shared stories of community impact.

Who will benefit most from this template?

This is a great tool for marketing professionals, content creators, brand managers, and communication specialists within any organization that prioritizes ethical practices and values alignment. It is especially beneficial for teams within non-profits, eco-conscious businesses, social enterprises, and any entity looking to infuse new or existing core principles into their content narrative authentically.


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