Onboarding Teardown and Email Flow


This framework is based on Ramli John's fantastic book, Product-led Onboarding

Using the Product Led Onboarding method, this board takes your team through a series of targeted exercises to quickly identify problems with your software's onboarding experience. It then shows you how to rebuild the onboarding to increase the chances of user success. Finally, you'll design the emails and in-app messages to support the new onboarding.

Onboarding Teardown Steps

  1. Do your Jobs to be Done research to be 100% sure what your target or main "job" is for your primary user.

  2. As a team, create a sticky for every step in your product's onboarding. Include every possible detail, including each form field and check box.

  3. Copy that sequence to the next column to color code it and re-order the steps.

  4. Copy over ONLY the Green necessary steps to the last column. Check that the ordering makes sense and the First Strike achieves the user's target job.

  5. Add a Star to each step that you would consider a Milestone, i.e., essential to getting value from your product.

Onboarding Email Sequencing

  1. Transfer the starred steps to the email sequence flow on the top.

  2. Map out the "How" and "Why" emails needed.

  3. Use your product analytics to determine the delays between messages

  4. Link to the actual email or chat here

  5. If the user does all the jobs and is onboarded, they will not receive any of the event-triggered emails or messages.

Developed by Inturact, a B2B SaaS Growth Agency.


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Joshua Waldman
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Inturact helps B2B SaaS businesses find healthy & sustainable growth using real data from markets, users & analytics by applying a scientific approach inspired by PLG and Jobs to be Done (JTBD).
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