JTBD Marketing Personas (Job Characters)


A persona is a communication tool — a way to summarize information about customers in a way that is accessible to everyone on the team and that creates empathy.

Well-defined personas lead to strong value propositions and decreased innovation risk.

This exercise lets your team turn their research into ideas, then those ideas into a concrete and useful persona to share with the rest of your company.

Step 1: Get everything down

First, have your team jot down facts you discovered from your customer interviews on stickies. Could be job titles, fears, goals, tools used, etc. Cluster these findings so they form logical groups

Step 2: Start to carve out proto-persona or rough sketches

Group these data points into job titles, behaviors/actions, demographics, and pain points so it starts to build a sketch. Think of this like chipping away at the stone to reveal the statue.

Step 3: Expand on the Persona, turn the sketch into a portrait

Grab your first sketch (proto-persona) and expand on it based on your research. If you are missing points, go back to your interview subjects and fill in the gaps. Try to avoid assumptions.

Print and validate with stakeholders!

Developed by Inturact, a B2B SaaS Growth Agency


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