Problem Tree Analysis


Problem Tree Analysis is one of the most powerful tools you can use when designing. This unique template allows us to choose an objective and then balance the ideas, resources, and outcomes.

Every problem tree analysis diagram starts with the idea of having an objective. You’ll want to start at the center of the template and agree on a core objective that everyone feels passionate about. This will be your diagram’s focal point.

Next, you’ll need to understand resources and outcomes.

  • List outcomes in the green section above. For example, what happens when you achieve your goal? What are further results that will occur? Each outcome may branch out multiple times.

  • Identify resources by writing solutions or methods to tackle your core objective in the red section below. These may branch into others as well. Now, you’re left with ways to meet your objective with the results you might expect.

Put your ideas out on the board and see what your team adds! If you see an outcome you want but can't see a resource, consider how you’re creating value. Using this problem tree analysis template allows for a check and balance around a central objective, so have fun exploring new ideas and building relationships by collaborating together!

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