UX Pictionary


Remember Pictionary? We've made a UX-themed one and great use of the pen tool. For those who are a bit rusty, allow us.

Pictionary is really straightforward and fun. All you have to do: split up into breakout rooms (using conferencing software) of 4-6 people. Once you have your group, take it in turns to select a theme (doesn't have to be UX) and something to draw. If guessed correctly, frame and hang your masterpiece in the gallery.

We recommend playing this before, or after workshopping as a bit of light relief. Previously, we've used it in our Studio's team meeting but it also goes down a treat with clients!


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Foolproof, a Zensar Company is an experience design agency on a mission to create digital products and services that improve the lives of millions of people around the world.

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