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The Inktrap Client UX Workshop template is set up in a way that allows your clients to actively participate in your UX workshops. This template is a tool that we have used multiple times with various clients and has become our go-to format when learning more about users, creating personas and generating possible solutions to their pain points. This template has been a go-to tool here at Inktrap, after using this with many of our clients it has proved its effectiveness when learning more about users, creating personas and generating possible solutions to clients' pain points. This template not only works well for ideation but also for getting to know your clients better and build a successful working relationship.

When to use the Inktrap Client UX Workshop template?

This template is great for leading or facilitating the UX workshop, as it helps to keep the workshops on track and fully documents the process. By taking this approach to the UX workshops and including our clients in the sessions we have found that it helps to improve our client relations as they become part of the process.

How does the Inktrap Client UX Workshop template work?

In this workshop you will be guided through 7 tasks:

  • User Interviews: Building empathy with your users and understanding their needs and pains.

  • Affinity mapping: Turning the many insights collected into easy to manage themes.

  • Guiding statements: Create a solid foundation to ideate from.

  • User Personas: Building personas not only helps you empathise with users but acts as a North Star when creating solutions.

  • How Might We...: This activity turns pain points into exciting challenges.

  • Core user flows: Setting the scene for the next piece of work but understanding the high-level user flow."


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