Utture Practice


This is a short workshop with gamification elements. Utture Practice was created to help Scrum Practitioners to grow by using Scrum as it was described in the Scrum Guide.

It contains 5 levels of difficulty. The goal is to keep the game on level 5 for three rounds in a row. One round may take from one week to one quarter (see instruction).

To win, you must collect points. Achieving the goal will require you to improve your skills and be perseverant. The game can take many months (real-time gameplay!).


If you heard that Scrum is simple to understand, difficult to master and you want to experience why then Utture Practice is for you. With Utture Practice, you will quickly notice areas for improvements and you will feel the challenge of doing Scrum right. This is an interesting and valuable journey.

No matter how much experience you have. If you beginning with a Scrum or you are very experienced Utture Practice will guide you on a path to effective use of Scrum.

For whom?

Utture Practice is for:

  • Scrum Practitioners (Scrum Master, Product Owner, Developers)

  • Scrum Team managers

  • Agile Coaches and trainers for coaching sessions

  • Those who want to use Scrum in an effective way

What word Utture means

I created the first version of Utture in January 2018. At that time opinions about Scrum and many Scrum Masters were quite poor on the polish market. I share Utture with the agile community because I wanted to help Scrum Masters to care about their future. Utture is a kind of wordplay of word future. Later during the test phase, people noticed connotations to words culture and torture. Both are also correct because Scrum practitioners change organizational culture. Practicing Utture is and demanding exercise like good training in a gym.

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Tomek Pawlak
Scrum Master
Tomek is a Scrum Master since 2013. He helps companies to improve quality and build a friendly working environment. One in which commitment, productivity and development become achievable!
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